To ensure Athletic Excellence is achieved, help must have first-hand experience, masters of physical science, and skilled application towards performance improvement. We, the performance coaches at AE, help prepare Olympic athletes, professional, collegiate, scholastic, and recreational athletes. We address factors such as speed, power, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and fitness. All necessary components towards optimal health and performance.


AE promotes the use of nutritional supplements that help restore and promote one's overall health. We recommend quality products that have built a strong reputation among leading healthcare practitioners and clinicians. We offer detailed consultation on available nutritional products we promote that will enhance proper weight management for the individual and performance for the athlete.


Join the Elite Family! Our experience in training has expanded from ground-running sports such as football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, and track & field to venues such as body building, swimming, golf, Olympic weightlifting, martial arts, and boxing. We have even worked with individuals who seek to improve fitness levels, performance on military or job related tests, and strengthen surgical repairs in the post rehabilitation phase.

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Got questions? We've got answers! Our experience in the multi-faceted industries of sport, fitness and recreation has expanded over forty years. Our scientific training carries a strong word of mouth and allegiance among our community of trainers, colleagues and participants. James Walker is known and sought after for his extensive knowledge on physical training, anatomy, physiology and exercise science.

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