Whether you consider yourself a serious athlete or an individual that has an active lifestyle, sustaining an injury can often be devastating and lead to a difficult road to recovery.

AE understands that a great number of athletes desire to go beyond their “expected recovery” during the full rehabilitation process. This may require bridging the gap between physical therapy and physical training to help the athlete restore his/her speed, strength, mobility, flexibility, conditioning and confidence.


Our pre & post rehabilitative procedures concentrate on correcting muscle-skeletal imbalances by strengthening specific muscle groups so they are properly balanced and maintained for sport. Our progressive approach benefits injured athletes and active individuals who wish to return to a high level of competition or activity, better than before. Through experience and knowledge we help athletes and individuals accelerate the necessary progression towards achieving optimal performance.

Please note: AE does not participate within any insurance plans. Payment is expected when service is rendered. The cost incurred for rehabilitation may be reimbursed through certain private insurance companies.  Contact us for additional details at 703-488-9860 or email us at info@aecreatingelite.com

Scar Tissue Management

Scar Tissue Management (STM) is an integral part of our pre & post-rehabilitation service and a popular choice among elite athletes during their recovery and maintenance stage of physical training. Scar tissue often referred to as adhesion's, can be caused by injury, repetitive stress, trauma, or over training. These adhesion's inhibit the proper recruitment and function of muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves.

We specialize in locating, breaking up and removing adhesion's for injuries to the spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee and foot/ankle.