The Essentials

Introductory Fat Loss, Muscle Gain & Health

The Essentials offers introductory consultation on body fat analysis; the selection, and preparation of foods; plus sport nutritional products that will enhance proper weight management for an athlete or individual

Athletes and individuals often attempt to manage weight through “excessive conditioning” which can lead to over-training and/or injury. Proper nutrition can reduce fat, control weight, and allow an individual to improve overall health.

Improving your lean muscle mass can elevate your metabolism, increase fat loss, and thereby enhance your physical performance. There is a correlation between an individual’s body composition and optimal performance.

A well-balanced nutritional system and proper supplementation will also meet the body’s need for optimal recovery from the physical demands of training or competition. We recommend food and nutritional products that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

AE promotes the use of vitamins and supplements that help restore and promote one’s health. We recommend quality products that have built a strong reputation among leading healthcare practitioners.

Bio Lean

Optimal Lean Body Program

Bio Lean is a comprehensive weight management program that analyzes an individual’s specific needs for fat loss and/or muscles gains. The 16 week program designs several steps and protocols to address and reduce one’s body fat as well as improving health issues (associated with high body fat) in a holistic manner. The program uses (quality) nutritional supplements to address and correct an individual’s profile. 

The concept developed by world-renown strength coach Charles Poliquin after decades of scientific research, identifies and creates a system that addresses the relationship between how and where body fat is stored and which hormone is associated for the excess in body fat. 

Bio Lean is a cutting edge method that promotes fat loss and optimal health through a comprehensive assessment of body fat sites and hormonal profiles to provide optimal results.

Weight Management Nutritionals