To create a supportive environment, with cutting edge technical expertise that is quality driven, empirically based and yields optimal results for you. 


For many, there exists a great search for help in achieving excellence in performances of all types; academic entrance exams, ten-kilometer race times, professional marketing and sales presentations, etc.

For those who face physical challenges, the search for help in achieving excellence with breakthrough performances has become almost maniacal. Professional athletes looking for a one-one hundredth of a second reduction in their sprint time, an officer who absolutely must cover three miles in under nineteen minutes to pass his/her physical fitness requirement, and scholastic athletes in search of earning college scholarships, are all willing to go to extremes to make sure that they excel! Expectations are just that high.

To ensure ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE help must come from people who:

  • Have experienced first-hand, either as coach and/or participant, activities that require the utmost in physical exertion against objectives or standards and all of the psychological and emotional nuances that accompany it.
  • Have mastered the sciences of human structure, movement, exercise and physical training.
  • Have degrees and certifications capable of applying physical science towards performance improvement.

We, the performance coaches at AE, help prepare Olympic athletes, professional, collegiate, scholastic, and recreational athletes. We address factors such as speed, power, strength, conditioning, and flexibility, each a necessary component towards peak performance. Our experience in training has expanded over thirty-five years, from ground-running sports such as football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, soccer, and track & field to venues such as body building, swimming, golf, Olympic weightlifting, martial arts, and boxing. We have even worked with individuals who seek to improve performance on job related tests, fitness levels, or continue to strengthen surgical repairs in the post rehabilitation phase.


In early 2001 James Walker and Monica Crittenden-Walker sought to create a training company that would encompass all the different facts they experienced in their careers. Both James and Monica respectively and separately worked many years with a variety of athletes, they gained backgrounds in track and field and as strength and conditioning coaches. In addition, both gained valuable coaching experience within the Olympic Training Centers. James and Monica spent many years and gained extensive experience as successful trainers and facility managers within the health club and recreational industry. AE was created to bring ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE - a combined 40 years in the multi-faceted industries of sport, fitness and recreation of first-hand experience, masters of physical science and skilled application towards optimal results.

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