AE specializes in performance training. We coach, teach, monitor, and analyze training methods that help a variety of individuals perform at their optimal level. Our experience and educational backgrounds are influenced from a community of exercise physiologist, national and international coaches, and cutting edge clinicians all of whom remain active at improving performance. 

Our theoretical and practical experience in performance training has allowed us to create an environment where even the smallest detail, such as “grip work” and “foot placement” is addressed by scientific principles and the aid of our unique but specific equipment.

Our Internships allows students to develop a clear understanding of program execution, technical knowledge, and practical skills in the industry for performance training.

Internships are scheduled year round. A schedule will be assigned to meet individuals’ school requirements. Interns accepted must be able to maintain the minimum hours and scheduled days for participation.

Evaluation of work performance is made in an objective manner by the coordinator. It will be based upon successful completion of responsibilities and projects structured in advance.

To apply please contact us:  Internship Application / Resume / Letter of recommendation(s)

Individual & Classroom Instruction

AE provides a series of on-going individual instruction for coaches, practitioners, and industry professionals. A variety of topics are available (but not limited to); biomechanics; kinesiology; physiology; health; nutrition; fitness; and performance coaching. Individuals can customize their sessions to help them in preparation of an exam, term papers, or just gain knowledge in protocols to apply towards their customers. Individual sessions must be scheduled through the facility.

Exercise Science is the study of human movement and the related biological responses. Movement becomes a science through precise study, analysis, and documentation of exercise and sport type activities. It involves biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, and health and constructs usable principles from this science into training. Like-wise our group classes involve multiple exercise science principles.

AE are master trainers within the industry of athletic performance. We believe that our strength & conditioning methods will not only increase an individual’s function/performance, but also increase one’s health, fitness, and well-being. Our goal is to optimally prepare individuals through scientifically based training. The science applied in our strength & conditioning services allows an individual to become healthy, functional, muscular, strong, and conditioned.